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Fiona Murray

My teaching career spans a few decades in between having 3 children of my own.

Currently, I work part time as a literacy consultant/teacher at a large, dynamic multicultural public primary school (Kindergarten - Year 6; 5 to 12 year olds). I assist teachers, executive staff, parents and teacher's aides to implement literacy programs for children who, for many and varied reasons, need support in their literacy learning.

Over the years, I have taught in both public and private primary schools (K-6) as a specialist literacy teacher in Sydney, Australia. I have also worked for the NSW Department of Education as a Regional Consultant for Early Intervention and Integration (assisting teachers to support children with a disability in a mainstream classroom). Additionally, I have worked in preschools and crèches as an Early Learning Teacher and a Support Teacher for children with a disability.

I absolutely love what I do and for me each child is unique and special in their own way. My job is to find the key to unlock their potential, which is exciting and challenging at times.

Fiona Murray
M Ed (Literacy Education), Grad Dip in Educational Studies, Dip Teaching

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