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Fiona Murray is available to conduct free workshops for preschool parents across the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Workshops are specially designed - to teach parents how they can help their child best prepare for literacy learning at school.

Workshop topics include:

Workshop length - can vary from 30 mins to 1 hour.

Workshop times - can be linked to a morning or afternoon tea or in the evening.

Free set of Books - each preschool organising a workshop with a minimum of 8 participants will receive the full set of 5 books valued at $45.

Books available - the Carlos and Friends 5 book series can be purchased by parents on the day of the workshop at a discounted rate of $40, or at any time via the online bookstore. Individual books also available for $10.

Other options - Childcare centres, Speech Pathology clinics, Creches, Playgroups and Mothers groups can also book a free workshop.

Professional Development Workshops for Early Childhood Educators - are available by negotiation on any topic relating to early literacy teaching.

Book now by contacting Fiona -

Buy the books (English versions)

Buy the books Five books Five books Five books Five books Five books Five books